Vista Colorado Elementary

Vista is currently registering Transitional Kindergarteners (students that turn 5 after September 1, 2021 and before December 2, 2021) and Kindergarteners (students that turn 5 prior to September 2, 2021) for the 2021-2022 school year.  Pick up registration packets at Vista or register online.       Needles Unified is offering dance classes through Dance Trax 51 and Moby Max, Accelerated Reader and Pearson Smarts online programs are offered all summer. It is time to register for our Legacy Backpack Buddies Program. Check out Vista’s website or DoJo for information.     Thank you for your continued support and stay healthy.     Technology Help Line: 760-903-3875
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Principal's Message

Vista Colorado Elementary School is proud to announce our student-driven positive Discipline Plan
that includes our Colt ABCD’s.
Always Be Safe      Be Responsible      Care for other Colts      Determination the AVID way
The staff at Vista Colorado strives to get students involved in all aspects of our school climate. Teachers are looking forward to developing project based learning activities that aline to the state standards and are working in their Professional Development Communities to create innovative lessons that are rigorous and thought provoking. Vista’s paraprofessionals have received training in behavioral and remedial strategies that will enhance our academic instruction and build foundational skills for many of our students. We will celebrate quarterly with awards that recognize student achievement and our students are encouraged to reach their full potential in an environment that promotes strong character and high academic achievement.                                                                                                                
Mrs. Armijo